Cardiac Clearance

If you contracted Covid-19 you will need to get a Cardiac Clearance letter from a doctor stating that you have been cardiac evaluated to be able to participate 100% this fall. We have included a form below to take to your appointment. 

If you do not have a doctor to complete this, there is a doctor (Dr. Lee) available at AFC Urgent Care Danbury. Dr. Lee is only available on Monday and/or Tuesday. They accept insurance and if you do not have insurance it will cost $175.00.

Address: AFC Urgent Care, 76c Newtown Rd, Danbury CT 06810 (I would call ahead to make sure he is working the day you want to arrive: 203-826-8434.)

You can use the below note as a form to take to your doctors office. After getting it filled out, signed and stamped by a doctor it must be uploaded to Sportsware.