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Admissions & Financial Aid

Step 1- Admissions

Located on the Midtown Campus in Old Main 2nd Floor

Please follow this step by step process


  1. Use the Common App to apply for WCSU

  2. Annmarie Savarese is your contact in the admissions office. Please contact her if you have any questions. 203.837.9098

  3. You must pay your $50.00 application fee for your application to be processed.  If you have a fee waiver, have your guidance counselor email Annmarie your waiver .

  4. Follow up with Annmarie to confirm your transcripts have been received by the admissions office , do not hesitate to contact her about any questions you have about the application process.


We recommend you CC your recruiting coach on all emails sent to WCSU (Contact information on the back of this page).  This allows your recruiting coach to stay up to date with the most current information.

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