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Our Staff

Joe Loth

Head Coach

Recruiting NY Sect. 8 and 9

email - phone 

Kevin Jones

Defensive Coordinator

Recruiting CT FCIAC, SCC and NY Sect. 1

email - phone 

Alex Drayson

Offensive Coordinator/QB's

email - phone 

Mike Lago, Sr.

Sp Tms Coord/TE's & FB's/Str & Cond
Recruiting CT SWC, CTC and Pequot
email - phone 

CJ McIntosh

Recruiting CT NVL, NYC and NJ Passaic
email - phone 

Zach Griffith

Wide Receivers
Recruiting CT CCC, and NJ Middlesex,   Section II NY
email - phone 

Andrew Nevit

Defensive Line
Recruiting NY Sect. 11, Staten Island, and NJ-Essex
email - phone 

Tom Manley

Offensive Line
Recruiting NY Sect. 2 and Catholic
email - phone 

Mike McIsaac

Defensive Backs
Recruiting CT ECC, and NJ Morris, Somerset, Union
email - phone 
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